I’ve blogged about this before, asking questions like “show me the Bible verse that associates elongated skulls with the nephilim,” and pointing out that the phenomena is well-known in the medical and anthropological fields. (I even posted pictures of models of various skull deformations — all of which you can find on the Internet as examples of nephilim or alien hybrids). To be blunt, using models obtained from medical supply companies at prophecy or new age or general weirdness conferences and telling folks they are about nephilim is just dishonest.

Anyway, I’m having this spasm tonight because I recently came across an interesting article about cranial modification:

Duncan Hofling Why the Head? Cranial Modification as Protection and Ensoulment Among the Maya

The article is from the scholarly journal Ancient Mesoamerica 22:1 (Spring 2011). It’s very interesting and worth a read. I often get the question, “Why would people do this to their kids?”  This article is helpful, at least for the Mayan examples.

For those new to actual research on skull elongation, and who perhaps would like to be weaned from internet nonsense about the subject, here’s another article (relevant to Peruvian specimens).  It’s from the medical journal Child’s Nervous System, vol 21 (2005):

Schijman Artificial cranial deformation in newborns in the pre-Columbian Andes

Again, these skulls have nothing to do with the nephilim.