Below are three informative essays on elongated skulls that anyone interested in the topic should read. They are informative because they provide a good survey (and sources in the notes) of the sort of research professionals conduct on these skulls, and because they critique amateur efforts (Marzulli, Foerster efforts). The latter is important, as the essays note the foibles of amateur research by asking the kinds of questions about data and methodology that real experts ask — and expect to be addressed, because their own work has to account for the same items.

Some of the essays are old, which means amateur researchers ought to have taken note.

(2009): Artificial Cranial Modification: Head Shaping

(2016): Skulls of Indiana Jones: Head-shaping

(2017): More Elongated Skull Drama

(2017):  The Elongated Skulls Mystery Really isn’t a Mystery at All