This sort of thing bugs me. I find it macabre and more than a little ghoulish.

The Vatican announced a couple days ago that it would be putting the bones of St. Peter on display for the first time in history.

Big deal. I’d ask if the bones could actually be verified with respect to the identity, but I don’t care.

What does this sort of thing prove? How is it faith-enhancing? Does anyone doubt Peter existed? It’s ironic that the apostle who, when people bowed to him, said “Arise, I myself am also a man” (Acts 10:26) is now being put on display as a fetish. Something tells me Peter would tell people to go do something really faith-based instead. Honestly, it reminds me of the bizarre behavior of people who gathered to watch Simeon the Stylite sit on his fifty-foot pole for forty years to worship the worms that dropped from his body. What a work for God.