Just a quick note. While it’s depressing to see in real time that people who name the name of Christ believe in non-truth, thereby shaming the gospel, I’m going to keep the comments open on that post of a couple days ago (now at 118 comments), with the following exceptions:

  1. My blog is not the place for posting links to this drivel. All such posts will be deleted. Readers know how to type “flat earth theory” into Google and have their minds numbed. My site isn’t going to be a repository for promoting nonsense.
  2. I will also delete any comment that names a flat earth theorist or leader. My site will not be a means to generate web traffic for them.
  3. Generally hysterical comments will also be deleted (unless they make me laugh; then I’ll approve them).
  4. Comments by jerks will also be blocked and the jerks dutifully blocked. If you want to waste your time creating another email address, be my guest. That’ll get blocked, too.

I know it’s likely asking too much for sane discussion from flat-earthers, but that’s what I’m asking for.  But you need to answer my questions about the dome and your own interpretive hypocrisy (inconsistency) that I posed in the original post to get a hearing at this point.