I presume most of you have kept up with Dr. Johnson’s “thinking out loud” series on how we talk / should talk / might talk about the work of the cross as it relates (or not) to wrath and substitution. I have sent him a short list of verses for comment — wanting his take on them in light of his series (6 parts as of this point).  Here are the verses:

John 3:36
2 Cor 5.21
1 John 2:2
1 Cor 5:7
This last reference to interesting in light of the series. On one hand, comparing Jesus to the Passover lamb seems to clearly suggest he was a substitution. On the other hand, the Passover lamb had nothing to do with atonement for sin. It may be a useful paradigm or model for how to talk about the work of the cross in both respects.
I’ll let you know when Dr. Johnson has some response for me to post.