Readers may find this short post by UFO and Roswell researcher Kevin Randle of interest. He shares his thoughts on the usefulness (or not) of FOIA requests (=Freedom of Information Act). In a nutshell, he describes his own FOIA circus experience when trying to get information our of the government.

With government (especially at the federal level) getting less and less transparent all the time, I have no reason to doubt his tale of obfuscation and scripted incompetence. (Those of you who believed the latest administration’s promises about transparency might want to ask Manti Teo if he and his girlfriend enjoyed Valentine’s Day). The federal government under any administration is going to avoid transparency like the plague (or like term limit legislation).

For those interested in how FOIA works (or tries not to work), I’d recommend John Greenewald’s book Beyond UFO Secrecy. Nobody has more experience with FOIA than John, and his book details how to persevere against the federal bureaucratic quagmire (it’s his story of how, as a teenager, he sent off so many FOIA requests that the FBL showed up at his house). I’d also recommend John’s website, The Black Vault.