If you’re a subscriber to my newsletter, you know that we’ve been working on a new YouTube Channel for almost a year. I saw “we” because my non-profit ministry (MIQLAT) is partnering with AllAboutGod.com in this effort. The show (and channel) is called FringePop321. It seeks to provide video content on all sorts of fringe and pop culture subjects — to help people think clearly about the topic and to challenge fringe claims.

The task has been to build a queue of episodes in order to upload one video per week. We now have enough episodes to launch and so here’s the first episode — on whether the Stele of Naram Sin is evidence of an ancient rocket ship!

Each episode will have a companion web page on the FringePop321 website that discusses the topic and provides research bibliography.

PLEASE subscribe to the FringePop321 YouTube Channel!  There’s a lot more to come — spread the word to your friends!