In another blow to the “junk DNA is vestigial extraterrestrial DNA that proves aliens made us” buffoonery, Science Daily recently posted an overview of a new scientific paper in the peer-reviewed journal Genome Biology that demonstrates that junk DNA is (wait for it) not junk (and certainly not alien). Science Daily notes:

Over a decade after sequencing the human genome, it has now become clear that the genome is not mostly ‘junk’ as previously thought. In fact, the ENCODE project consortium of dozens of labs and petabytes of data have determined that these ‘noncoding’ regions house everything from disease trait loci to important regulatory signals, all the way through to new types of RNA-based genes.

I’ve added this piece to my archive on junk DNA not being junk. I don’t know whether to hope the ancient alien crowd finally grasps the science here and moves on to invent other nonsense . . . or not. What comes next might feature logic even more tortured than this.