Here is a link to a short (13:00 or so) video I made searching for the structure of Genesis 1:2 and its verb, hayah (“to be”) The video was prompted by a comment to an earlier post I made about the “gap theory.” That theory of interpreting Genesis 1:1-3 in part depends on translating the verb hayah as “became” (instead of “was”). The video shows there is only one other passage that pretty closely approximates the structure of Gen 1:2 where the verb hayah is present. The point I make is that there is nothing in that second verse to merit the idea that the verse (or anything surrounding it) describes a “becoming” (as opposed to a mere state of existence).

Again, the gap theory has nothing exegetically to commend it. But it’s real death knell is the clause structure of Genesis 1:1-3 anyway.

The file is large (HD), but runs on Quicktime. Give it time to load.