Boy, am I tired of hearing about Gobekli Tepe. Pardon the pun, but it’s become a monument to those who cannot distinguish speculation from data.

The truth is that no one really knows what the site was for, who built, or why it was built. No one knows the meaning of the iconography. This is getting to be the new Atlantis — take a few lines from Plato and erect a multi-volume “history” of Atlantis, complete with dissertation-length treatises on its culture, religion, architecture, science, etc. Absolute fabrication passed off as “ancient knowledge.” Enough already.

Here’s some reading material written by people who understand that having an idea in one’s head doesn’t make that idea reality:

Jason Colavito, Robert Schoch’s Wacky Easter Island-Gobekli Tepe Theory: The Hypocrisy of Alternative Dating

This one illustrates how, when Christians get on the bandwagon of awful research (and dishonesty) it destroys good will and credibility (see the second-to-last paragraph):

Pseudoarchaeology site: Gobekli Tepe