I wanted to let you all know about this new product. The project is directed by a friend of mine, Boyd Barrett. Boyd is an experienced stage actor, and that experience shows in this production. You can follow this link to listen to a free audio sample. I did — and it’s pretty cool.

From the website, here’s a description of the project:

COME AND SEE is a three part audio project designed to transport listeners to the time of Jesus and allow them to feel like they are very much in the middle of each scene, witnessing the events firsthand. Every recorded saying and every recorded deed of Jesus in the four gospels are part of the story while creating an overarching narrative that provides the historical and cultural context.

Boyd is offering a special discount for Christmas:  a 25% CHRISTMAS DISCOUNT available by using the coupon code CHRISTMAS. Simply put the 3 volume project in your cart, go to checkout, and enter the applicable coupon code. So you can pre-order the entire project, which will have an estimated run time of 6 to 8 hours, for ONLY $15. This is a great deal!  Check it out!