I recommend the video below created by Dr. Michael Brown. It’s more than a debunking of the deeply flawed, nonsensical idea that the meaning of Hebrew letters is to be found in their original pictographic (picture) representations. Like myself, Dr. Brown is a trained Hebrew scholar and Semitist. He knows what he’s talking about here.

This tragically misguided idea is, naturally, alive and well in Christian Middle Earth. It needs to be exposed for the nonsense that it is. But you might say, “What’s the harm?” I suppose there’s no harm … if you’re okay with people being misled (or even lied to), and if you’re okay with people presuming, on the basis of this idea, that the real meaning of any given Hebrew word in the Bible is to be found in the picture of each letter of that word.

Does English work that way? Since the English alphabet derived from the Semitic alphabet, do we look at an English word and ask ourselves what the original letter shapes looked like — and then “read” the English word by those shapes? That produces gibberish, and you can make any word (or in this case, any Bible verse) say whatever you can imagine it to say.

Sorry, that isn’t good.

I can only say it one way to capture what this really is:  it’s divination.  This is taking the sacred text and divining a hidden meaning from it. It’s a new kind of Bible code that is just as erroneous.