A trick question? Depends on how much theological and logical clarity your thoughts about the question are.

I was reminded of this issue (which, I’ll admit, is one of my pet issues) last week as I had the honor of hosting Doug Bookman at Logos. Doug was one of my three original undergrad Bible professors (Ed Glenny and Mike Stitzinger were the other two). I know now just how spoiled I was. Doug was in for filming a series on the Life of Christ. It irritates me (and him) when Christians don’t appreciate the humanity of Jesus. That point of biblical theology is as important as the deity of Jesus, but the latter gets all the love. But you can’t truly have a high priest and Savior who understands your own temptations, emotions, and needs without a fully human Jesus (Heb 4:14-15).  And yet I have known Christians who stumble over some pretty simple realities of Jesus being the “second Adam,” born of a woman as a mortal human (that theological thing we call the incarnation). Jesus learned and experience lots of things as he grew:

  • How to talk (he didn’t pop out of the womb speaking)
  • How to walk
  • How to go potty
  • How to eat with a spoon (or whatever utensil they used)
  • Puberty
  • Arithmetic
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • What pleases God (Luke 2:52)
  • Wise behavior / living (Luke 2:52)
  • Etc., etc.

In one of Doug’s sessions he brought up John 11 in this regard. It’s a wonderful (and, I think, humorous) example of how the NT itself juxtaposes Jesus’ deity and human limitations in the same context or scene. But I am interested to see if Naked Bible readers can spot the juxtaposition. Go ahead and read the passage and let me know. Hint: female readers will especially find the discovery funny.