I had not announced it yet (it came about a week or so ago), but I was asked to be on the Jim Bakker show and speak Wed night at his campus (Morningside) service. Last night it came to my attention that my appearance was being billed as “come to hear the prophets” (my name on the promotion). I informed everyone involved in the event that I was canceling my trip in response to that promotion. I am not a prophet, and I won’t allow my name to be used in such a way. I know others parse the language differently, but to my ear it denotes being above other believers. I want nothing to do with that thinking. I’m not above anyone and have no special status in what God is doing.

This whole thing makes me sad. I had planned to marry my “While We Were Yet Sinners” sermon to something about real (not contrived) spiritual warfare (how the NT links the resurrection with the defeat of the cosmic powers). I thought it would be useful to the specific audience, but now it won’t be happening.

If you see something online promoting me as being some sort of prophet, please send them a link to this post. I’d appreciate it.