Some of you know that I host a second podcast dedicated to reviewing fringe and paranormal topics using peer-reviewed literature. It’s called PEERANORMAL. I have four co-hosts. We occasionally invite field experts depending on the topic.

We’re 16 episodes into PEERANORMAL. I think the series we just recorded is arguably the most important work we’ve done. We’ve uploaded two of three episodes in a series titled “Quantum Physics and Metaphysics.” New age personalities like Deepak Chopra love to talk about quantum theory supports their spirituality. Mega-selling books like The Tao of Physics and The Dancing Wu Li Masters popularize the idea that quantum physics supports monism (“all is one”), the living universe, and salvation being based on our own divinity. What we often don’t realize is that Christians use the same quantum theory to defend certain ideas they claim to find in the Bible, or to validate wild conspiracies (like what’s “really” going on at CERN). Don’t believe me? Here’s exhibit A and exhibit B (sent to me by a listener).

This series address the “quantum theology woo” found in both Christian and new age circles. There’s plenty of it. All three episodes feature our special guest, Dr. Rob (“Putty”) Putman. Putty is a pastor that has an earned PhD in Theoretical Quantum Physics from perhaps the leading university in the United States in that field. He’s the perfect guest for straightening out the nonsense.

Here are the first two episodes. Episode three will be uploaded soon:

Peeranormal 15: Quantum Physics and Metaphysics Part 1

Peeranormal 16: Quantum Physics and Metaphysics Part 2