Call me crazy.

I’ve hinted off and on about an announcement concerning something I’ve had in the works. A year ago I offered Hebrew and Greek courses on this blog — something ultra-simple, just me going through a Hebrew and Greek grammar, creating screen casts to explain the content and go through the exercises. This October will mark the completion of the first round of those courses. On that anniversary I’ll be starting something much bigger.

This October will mark the kickoff of MEMRA Institute for Biblical and Ancient Studies. MEMRA offers over 70 courses, the vast majority of which are six weeks in length (there are language courses that are year round). Besides myself, Mr. Johnny Cisneros and Dr. Judd Burton are the other faculty members. front page of the institute’s website summarizes the purpose and distinctives:


MEMRA Institute for Biblical & Ancient Studies exists to provide academic instruction to interested non-degree-seeking students via the convenience of the online environment.


MEMRA biblical studies courses are not devotional in nature. Rather, MEMRA exists to provide serious academic content. Students study the same level of content they would experience in an undergraduate level course.

MEMRA courses are formal online courses designed for the serious student. Students enroll in a course that follows a fixed calendar (usually six weeks in length). The course includes a range of weekly activities, such as discussion forums with other students and the professor, videos, podcasts, readings, and webcasts with the professor.

For the 2010-2011 academic calendar nearly 40 courses are scheduled in the following areas:

Old Testament
New Testament
Biblical Theology
Ancient History
Ancient Languages
Ancient Religions
Ancient Jewish Literature

Some special items of interest to Naked Bible readers include:

  • a five module sequence in biblical theology, with a focus on ancient Near Eastern contexts;
  • for those who took Hebrew and Greek, “text analysis” courses are schedule to teach you the interpretive value of the languages you’ve been learning;
  • year-long Hebrew and Greek courses will be offered again;
  • a year long course in Aramaic;
  • a three module sequence in the Book of 1 Enoch;
  • ancient Israel religion sequence;
  • ancient Egypt sequence, with a special module on pyramids;
  • sequences in Old and New Testament interpretation;

and much, much more.

Please visit the site. Deep discounts are offered until September 19, 2010.  I hope some of you register. Please tell some friends!