The votes are all in, and by a very narrow margin (3 votes), “bunkagesis” has been selected as the term of choice for recognizing egregiously awful examples of handling Scripture. I can’t think of a better way to say “please put the Bible down and back slowly away” or “you should be ashamed of fleecing people with God’s word” than this honor. Since Harold himself was the impetus behind the award, his prophecy is of course eligible as a nominee for 2011. And since we’re already in June, I’ve made an executive decision to give Harold some competition from items I blogged about over at PaleoBabble in 2009 and 2010. I really can’t predict who will still be standing when the dust clears after a shootout between Camping and these bunkagetical gems:

1. The 666 John wrote about in Revelation were Arabic letters pointing to the Muslim Antichrist

2. Jesus gave us the name of the Antichrist in Luke 11: Barack Obama.

3. The aleph and the taw. (Warning: if you know any Hebrew, this will be acutely painful).

Who knows what the rest of 2011 will hold? Nominations will end on October 22, 2011 — the day after Camping is wrong again.