Read about it here (the details of secret, off-limits digging are real; the motivation or object is the question). My guess is “no.”  It wouldn’t matter with respect to attempts to erase the Jewish altar remnants if Leen Ritmeyer is right (see the link at the bottom of the linked post) — and especially if Ernest Martin was right, that the temple mount isn’t the correct location at all.(See here as well).

Almost no one thinks Martin was right about the alternative location for the temple. I think his view deserves a serious hearing. (James Tabor agrees — hey, we actually do agree on some things!) The traditional, accepted view, really cannot account for two things: Josephus’ record of a long colonnade connecting the Fortress Antonia to the temple site (“he’s just wrong”) and the need for living (i.e., running) water in the temple (see here and here). Leen Ritmeyer has weighed in on Martin’s work — you can read that here (contains rebuttal by Martin).