For all of you who have emailed me (some breathlessly) about the UFO hovering over the Dome of the Rock a few days ago, I have three requests:

1) Watch this and learn a few things to look for to detect similar hoaxing in the future. The hoaxing techniques are clever, but easy to detect for people who know what to look for.

2) Instead of believing first and then engaging in critical thinking or analysis, reverse that process.  It will be good for both of us.

3) Don’t email me about any other UFO events until you spend a few days or a couple weeks doing #2.

Sorry, no Bible-UFO prophecies fulfilled today (or a couple days ago).

Honestly, it’s embarrassing how we simply can’t seem to suspend belief on these things long enough to pause and think, and to wait for people within the interested UFO community with video and graphic skills to do their thing. I don’t have those skills, but I’m blessed with a mind that doesn’t like gaps in coherence. My first thought was, why is it, that in this place — arguably the worst hot spot in the world — that (a) we don’t have a single mainstream news report of this and (b) we don’t have DOZENS of videos and stills for it? And before you say the mainstream media would cover it up, get real — they reported the O’Hare UFO, the recent Utah lights, and all the odd “vortexes” in Norway (just some examples). The mainstream may make light of it, but they WILL report something if enough people come forward with an event.  You can bet your gluteus maximus that a bright flash of light on the temple mount of all places would draw media attention. Or a riot. It’s a powder keg.