First it was the Josephus Code. Now I’m getting emails about Bill O’Reilly’s new book, Killing Jesus.

Let’s take a deep breath. O’Reilly’s book is just another book on Jesus written by someone who doesn’t know much about the academic study of the gospels. Neither O’Reilly nor his co-author are biblical scholars, so what should we expect? That’s about the nicest thing one can say after reading that O’Reilly thinks Jesus went to the cross over taxes. That’s astonishingly ignorant, especially coming from a Catholic. Nothing like using one’s political predilections as a hermeneutical tool (but that’s where the Gog = Russia nonsense derives from, too; plenty of hermeneutical twaddle out there in evangelical land).

Anyway, here are some reviews of O’Reilly’s book — mostly from people who know more about Jesus and the gospels than he does. Hope readers find them useful.