There have been a number of news items and articles recently (last year – I collect them) on how “junk DNA” is now known to not be junk. Here’s an example. As genetic research continues to advance, this previously-assumed junk DNA (called so because it had no discernible function or role) is revealing that it has significant roles to play in what we know as HUMAN life.  And that’s the point for this blog. I can recall several Coast to Coast AM hucksters over the years promoting their ancient astronaut theories on the basis that this “mystery DNA” was alien. It was bunk then, and it’s bunk now.

Note that the above link points our that knowledge of junk DNA is very damaging to a Darwinist understanding of evolution. I word it that way because junk DNA has been used as an argument against intelligent design and a creator (“why would an intelligent creator put a bunch of useless junk in our genetic code?”). Intelligent design does not deny evolution; it denies *purposeless and undirected* evolution.

One last note. I just finished Leslie Kean’s book on UFOs. Outstanding. I will be posting a review here soon.