The blogosphere is already heating up with responses from scholars to the new “discoveries” of $imcha Jacobovici and James Tabor. Those interested can keep up with the responses of professional scholars via the ASOR blog, which seems poised to become a clearing house of sorts for this topic (ASOR = American Schools of Oriental Research, a scholarly society focusing on archaeology, epigraphy, biblical studies, and the ancient Near East).  Here are some posts already on the site:

Eric Meyers’ review of “The New Jesus Discovery”

  • Eric Meyers is an archaeologist at Duke University

Brief Reflections of an Epigrapher on Talpiyot Tombs A and B

  • This post is by Christopher Rollston, a specialist in Northwest Semitic epigraphy (inscriptions). Since this latest Jacobovici and Tabor effort goes back to the Jesus Family Tomb, building on that monument to the non sequitur, Rollston revisits the inscriptional material of that tomb.

And other posts by scholars from other blogs:

Robert Cargill

Antonio Lombatti (on the “Jonah and the whale” image in this new tomb)

Jim West