Todd Bolen recently posted two excellent summaries of the opposing views of this question on his Bible Places blog. For those interested in eschatology (especially those who think they have all the answers about end times), these posts are *highly* recommended. The issue is simple: Were the lands in the Transjordan part of the Promised Land? The answer takes you down two eschatological roads since it relates to whether one thinks the land element of the Abrahamic covenant was fulfilled or not.  If the answer is “yes” then Israel never possessed all the lands promised at any one time in history.  If the answer is “no” (only Canaan was promised), then one can argue that Israel did get the land. When you read the posts you’ll see that neither perspective is clear cut. (Another reason to check one’s certainty on end times at the door).

The issue peripherally relates to the topic I began with my last post, Mosaic authorship of the Torah. Regardless of the answer, the question itself surfaces within the Torah — it says different things in different places about the land (something you’d think would be easy to maintain consistency on). Back to that this weekend.

Here are Bolen’s posts:

The Promised Land Does Not Include Transjordan

The Promised Land Includes Transjordan