I want to alert readers to a recent resource that Logos Bible Software has produced and is in the process of producing — something we’re calling Bible Guides. These are not  Sunday School resources. They are designed to be of academic assistance in studying a given book of the Bible. By way of illustration, here’s some of the description for the Genesis Bible Guide:

The Lexham Bible Guide is your starting point for study and research. It surveys all the relevant literature on a passage and brings the summary back to you.

This guide summarizes a broad range of views on a particular passage—views you may or may not agree with, but in all cases, views you will encounter as you critically study the text. A complete introduction to each literary unit in the Bible, it will bring new thoroughness to your research. . . .

The Lexham Bible Guides are complete Bible guides re-imagined for the digital age: a hybrid between a handbook-type commentary and an annotated bibliography, built on technological resources available only in Logos.

These guides are written from the ground up to take full advantage of Logos’ platform. The interconnectivity of the Lexham Bible Guides within the Logos library provides you with relevant, curated content at a click, produced by professional researchers. There’s no need to flip through pages, pore over commentaries, or search through dictionaries. You get access to the best content available—instantly.

Check out the currently available guides (some for OT, others for NT). This is a long-term project aimed at producing guides for each book of the Bible. It will serve as a great time-saver for serious students, as well as guiding students to the best discussions on a range of items within a biblical book.