Interesting post from Kevin Randle on his blog today. No surprise, of course, Three years ago I had a number of the Majestic documents tested by a linguist whose expertise was authorship attribution and found the same thing. That was the occasion that caused Stanton Friedman to say some pretty uninformed things about where I stand on the UFO/ET question – even though the testing validated some of his own earlier work (probably prompted by Ryan Wood, who would never let objectivity interfere with an investigation). That’s what happens when you are married to a position and don’t bother to do something as simple as watching an online lecture by the person you’re accusing or even reading his material. Makes me wonder that, if Stanton was so sloppy there, what else has he “overlooked” that we don’t know about? It’s disconcerting since before that hysteria I looked at his work as having high quality.