The MEMRA schedule for 2013 has now been posted!

MEMRA is in its third year and has transitioned to offering only ancient language courses. Each course lasts one year (52 weeks) so as to stretch two semesters of grammar for student convenience and low pressure pacing. There will be two modules that have their start in 2013: the first beginning March 4, the second beginning on July 8.

Course offered in 2013 are:

  • Beginning Biblical Hebrew
  • Beginning Biblical Greek
  • Beginning Ugaritic
  • Beginning Aramaic (new; offered only in the second module)

To see the 2013 schedule and register for courses, go to MEMRA and click on the registration tab at the top. You can also view course descriptions, sample videos, and sample course syllabi (unit breakdowns) for the beginning Hebrew and Greek courses.

NOTE: Registration ends two weeks prior to each module. You can register for either module (prior to the end of a registration period). You can also register for a course in each module, or register for more than one course per module.

Now’s your chance to learn biblical Hebrew and Greek (or another ancient language) online from home!