Those of you who follow the Naked Bible Podcast or subscribe to the MIQLAT newsletter will know that I’m no longer with Logos Bible Software, having accepted a new position — the Executive Director of the Awakening School of Theology and Ministry in Jacksonville, FL.

Episode 279 of the podcast explains why I took the new position — we interview Pastor Stovall Weems, whose church is launching the new school. I’m responsible for the content structure of the school and of course teaching that content. The school will be offering a two-year certificate of theological study. Students can attend in person or can go through the course(s) online. The first year of instruction will be working our way through the material of my best-selling book, The Unseen Realm. The second year will be topical — subjects I care about, content that I think anyone in ministry should be able to think well about.

The Awakening School of Ministry now has a website. It hasn’t been built out yet, but you can navigate to the site and sign up on the email list to receive information and updates. The school is slated to begin February 10, 2020. Please sign up so you can keep up as the school takes shape — and enroll as a student when registration opens! (There will be a cost — intentionally nowhere near normal tuition rates — which will likely be determined before the end of July).