The Voice of Olympus is a podcast show hosted by Hercules Invictus, a modern follower of the gods of Olympus. From the podcast’s website:

The podcast explores the many manifestations of Greco-Roman mythology in our present day and age. We invite you to join us in celebrating Mount Olympus in spheres of activity ranging from spirituality to pop-cultural entertainment. Portals will be provided for those wishing to enter, and be an active part, of the ever-evolving Olympian mythos.

If you are familiar with the divine council worldview, this interview will be especially interesting, as Hercules accepts the idea that the gods were/are real entities. It was a fun interview for both of us since we were “speaking each other’s language” in this regard and had similar experiences in push-back from denominational Christian authority figures when seeking answers to certain questions (he in his youth, in my case more recently since recovering the divine council worldview).  I couldn’t help thinking that parts of it may have been similar to conversations Paul would have had with some of the Gentiles he met. Hopefully both of our audiences will enjoy the conversation as much as we did having it.