Click here to read my most recent scholarly book review. But honestly, the real reasons I post about this are twofold: (1) there are several important books reviewed at the link, and (2) you should all know about the journal Themelios.

Themelios is a a free online scholarly journal produced by the Gospel Coalition. My audience knows how much I value journals. This is the rare instance of a high-quality journal being freely accessible. From the “About” page on the journal website:

Themelios is published three times a year online at The Gospel Coalition website in PDF and HTML, and may be purchased in digital format with Logos Bible Software and in print with Wipf and Stock. It is also accessible in full-text through the ATLA Religion Database. Themelios is copyrighted by The Gospel Coalition. Readers are free to use it and circulate it in digital form without further permission, but they must acknowledge the source and may not change the content.