I just wanted to post a quick update on what’s going on behind the scenes of Miqlat. In a nutshell, we’re strategizing on how to produce (and maintain) more of my content, make improvements to my current content (i.e., my homepage and websites), and manage a non-profit. Without getting into the gory details, here’s an overview of what’s happening and what to look for.

1. YouTube Channels

I’ve created a YouTube Channel for each blog. Each is also associated with a Google+ page. They are associated with my existing YouTube account, but viewers can subscribe to the individual channels (and should). Didn’t know I had a YouTube account? That’s because the 550 videos or so that live on it are unlisted (the content is for MEMRA students). Here are the three channels (only two have videos on them, as the person who volunteered to make the edits I wanted is still working on them). Eventually, all three will have content, and that content will include the sessions shot in Missouri last October. Once I have material on these channels, I’ll be linking them to Roku channels.

Naked Bible

YouTube Channel


YouTube Channel

UFO Religions

YouTube Channel

2. Planned website changes

There are two types of changes coming: (1) improved categories and searching, and (2) design and branding.  The first will please many of you who miss the old website, where categories were displayed on the right-hand side, making it easy to find posts collected on specific topics. I’ve already redone the entire list of categories for all three blogs (the whole site, actually). We now need to make design changes so those are visible. We’re moving in the direction of using Google’s search power within the website so that categories, tags, and post titles will be included in searches. With respect to branding, your input on the recent survey has proven quite useful. We’re not sure if or where new art will show up on the site (along with other design elements), but when they begin to appear I’ll alert everyone.

3. Video Production

Most of what exists on the new YouTube channels is old content. As I noted in my Dec 22 post, I now have a studio for video in my garage. I’ve shot 24 videos to date. All of them are short since they were designed for social media (Facebook). Ten of them live on my main YouTube account. They form my “Top Ten List of Myths about Bible Study,” and aim to market the 60 Second Scholar book series. Note that these aren’t super-professional in terms of editing. I did them myself. The idea is that I need to learn how to just walk in, shoot a video, and produce it — at least the short ones. A couple of people have stepped forward to help with editing lengthier videos — like a series on Genesis 6, Sitchin fallacies, or 1 Enoch’s reception in the early church (those are the first three I have on my to-do list). I’ll shoot those and then enlist the help of professionals.

4. The PEERANORMAL Podcast

We’ve recorded the first episode of PEERANORMAL, my new podcast devoted to discussion of peer-reviewed research on all things popularly conceived as paranormal. Trust me, this is something no one is doing and is long overdue. When the first episode goes live, I’ll announce it here. It shouldn’t be too long for that.

5. Writing Projects

I’ve made some decisions, and still thinking about others. I’m going to re-purpose some blog content to produce (for Kindle only) a Naked Bible series for personal and small group study. I want it to be small group content with an edge — something that goes beyond the fluffy small group curriculum as we know it.  I’m open to series title suggestions. Right now, I’m leaning toward this series name:

series title: Sunday School Shouldn’t Be Forever
sub-title: Serious Bible study for Individuals and Small Groups

Within the series there would be volumes focused on one topic. I’m guessing each would be 50-60 pages in normal 6 x 9 book format, which is why they will only live on Kindle (.99 items). I think I can do one per month (they will be substantive re-writes). Here are the volumes I have planned (titles are tentative, but they convey the edge I want):

  • The Truth about Interpreting Bible Prophecy: Everybody Cheats
  • Romans 5:12 — It Doesn’t Mean What You’ve Been Told
  • Baptism: Everyone Disagrees Because Denominations Like it That Way
  • Salvation: For by Grace are You saved through Faith Without Works is Dead
  • “God of All Gods” Means Exactly What it Says
  • The Inspiration of the Bible: It Wasn’t a Paranormal Event
  • God as Man in the Old Testament: What Judaism Used to Teach before Jesus Showed Up

I’m still debating on what will be my lone book-length writing project for the year. I’ll likely figure that out in February.