These are two fundamental questions that arise as one reads the recent two-part series by Jack Brewer of The UFO Trail entitled, “MUFON, Science, and Deception.” Jack describes the goal of these pieces as “a two-part post exploring recent MUFON history and circumstances, including comments provided by scientists, UFO investigators and MUFON members, both past and present.”

MUFON, Science and Deception, Part One

MUFON, Science and Deception, Part Two

The impression one reads allow the reader to answer the two questions with “yes – in recent years” and “no” respectively. The third paragraph of Part Two summarizes why the series is relevant to this blog:

Retired scientist Frank Purcell, whose comments were featured in Part One of this post, was involved with MUFON for a short time. He explained, “I left that organization partly because known charlatans are given credence by what should be a scientific organization. These cranks and shysters are welcomed to the MUFON symposiums. The theme MUFON has, as do most UFO organizations, is that earth is being visited by ET. That bias is considered a given without a shred of scientific evidence to support it. The bias makes what should be a scientific approach to something mysterious into something more resembling a religion.”

Unfortunate, but the series pretty well establishes that’s the case for MUFON, at least in recent memory. Hopefully exposure to the recent problems at MUFON well help re-orient it to something more objective and science-driven.