Time for the annual review of how this blog did for the year.

Of my three blogs, this one is in the middle for traffic (a bit behind PaleoBabble). This year 190,378 people visited this blog. All time (a little over five years’ running) there have been 631 posts to date at a word count of 317,448.

Some related sites of interest:

My Divine Council site

unique visitors: 20,006
number of visits: 32,080
website hits: 183,191

My Two Powers in Heaven site

unique visitors: 6,853
number of visits: 10,090
website hits: 58,216

My Ancient Near Eastern Languages site

unique visitors: 20,733
number of visits: 65,102
website hits: 312,340

I don’t really do anything with these other websites. They are basically static (save for the recent changes on the divine council site).

More comprehensively, my homepage averaged just under a million hits per month. (I need to start doing something intentional here … and that will happen soon … to get over that hump). Here are the homepage stats:

unique visitors: 362,522
number of visits: 1,034,272
website hits: 11,578,595