[UPDATE 2/24:  The league is now filled — that didn’t take long!]

It’s that time of year again … actually, I’ve only done this for fantasy football in years past — but thought I’d try it for fantasy baseball. Hopefully I’ll fare better than fantasy football.

I’m betting that there are a number of baseball fans among the Naked Bible readership (love for baseball and the Naked Bible have both been correlated with high IQ). To that end I’ve set up a private ESPN league. If you want to play fantasy baseball this year with yours truly and fellow readers, please email me for the league URL and password (mshmichaelsheiser@gmail.com). My team this year: The Hermeneutical Hazards.

It’s best if you’ve played once before, but not a necessity. Here are the main league specs:

LIVE draft: Sunday March 25; 4pm Eastern time

8 teams (so hurry); four teams make the playoffs

Head-to-head league: if you with the majority of the 14 categories, you get a win for that week. The season is 20 weeks.

7 batting categories (AVG, R, RBI, HR, SB, OBP, TB) and 7 pitching categories (W, L, ERA, WHIP, SV, K, QS).

There are 13 starting positions for batters, 5 bench slots, and 2 DL slots.

I’ll get back to JEDP (sounds like a stat category) soon.