Pardon this non-academic spasm.

Some of you know I’m a big fan of fantasy football. I’ve already been through a couple of drafts this year, with a few more scheduled. It occurred to me that it might be fun to create a league for Naked Bible readers. Scholars who take themselves too seriously need not join.

If you’ve ever been in a league, you know the drill. For those that have not, it’s easy — but you have to like football and of course know something about the game. You sign up for the league (the one I made has ten spaces for players – nine now that I’ve joined), draft your players (it’s a live online draft) and then set your lineups each week (something that can take five minutes or hours depending on how much of a football research zealot you are). You get points for your players’ performance in the actual NFL games.

As noted above, the Naked Bible Fantasy Football League has nine slots left for team owners. The draft is Friday, August 27, 9:30 Eastern Time. If you want in, I will send the league link and password to you as I receive emails (mshmichaelsheiser [at] gmail [dot] com). First come, first serve. Here are some notes to keep in mind:

1. Please pick a biblical / theological theme or theologian for your team name. Mine? The Heavenly Host, of course. (You’re all toast).

2. Make sure you can be at the draft. If you’re not, the computer picks for you. I’ll be making a video of what happens at a draft for newbies (I’ll screen capture one of my other leagues while it’s in process).

3. You will need to create an ESPN ID to join when you go to the link I’ll send (that’s the site that hosts the league). The system will prompt you through the process. All you need is a valid email address (league news and any emails I send to all of you will go there).

Okay, back to serious scholarship now. I want to get another Genesis post up this weekend.