Just a quick update ….

The new Naked Bible Podcast site is almost complete. Click through and have a look!  A couple of site notes:

1. You’ll find all the old podcast episodes on the site except for #18. Don’t have a file for that one; it’s lost.

2. Take a look at the upper right-hand corner and click on “New? Start Here!” You’ll be taken to a page where four PPT video lectures live. I’m hoping folks new to the divine council stuff will start there, as I won’t be stopping and explaining that during episodes. I am going to presume some knowledge. We’ll make an effort in episodes now and again to direct attention to these “orientation” videos, but that’s it. The last video briefly explains what I’ll be doing on the podcast and what I won’t be doing.

Trey (my partner in crime for the re-do) and I plan to do a dry-run on our episode process Friday.  We’re also still waiting on a new iTunes feed for the podcast (had to re-apply).

Things are getting close. I’m guessing the first new episode will be in early February.