Just wanted to give readers a brief update on the Naked Bible’s two running surveys.

Back in October I opened the competition to the first annual Harold Camping Bunkagesis award. With only a couple weeks to go to the deadline, Harold is running away with his namesake’s hardware. He has 51% of the votes among the four candidates; the others are in the twenties.

In regard to the survey about the future of the Naked Bible. I’ve had a hundred respondents. The input is appreciated – especially the nearly thirty of you who chose to type out suggestions and / or thoughts about the questions. Here is the breadown for the first question, which was in my mind the most important:

The “church” question has actually gained ground in the past week or so, but the written responses to it are overwhelmingly negative. I have to confess that I don’t have much enthusiasm for the idea as well. I have been asked a number of times to do sermon content, so I thought I’d seek a wider reaction to the idea. My feeling is that there is a lot of sermon content on the web and not much of the sort of thing I do. If I am going to commit to a MEMRA second year (and I am) and give the site (and course offerings) an overhaul, and produce a lot of video content for the courses *before* the term begins (which is the plan — already underway), I would have little time for sermons anyway. Podcasting is also going to be a definite go. The plan is to edit the existing content (at least start with that) for podcast delivery (10-12 minute segments). I’ll say more about it in January. I hope to have some completed by February – i.e., have my format down with musical intro included, that sort of thing.

Lastly, the final question about subscriptions was interesting. Just over two-thirds of respondents voted for “probably” or “pretty certain” in regard to $1 a month or something like that. I’m less certain about that than I am the podcasting. The latter seems like a logical next step.