I recently received this URL from someone asking me to take a look – it’s a site about the NASA cover-up of alien bases on the moon. Familiar conspiracy silliness, new source (for me anyway).

The URL gives me the opportunity to direct readers to a blog that I follow called “The Emoluments of Mars,” written by someone (Expat) who has a deep knowledge of spaceflight, NASA photographs, and photographic analysis.

Basically, “Expat” is the “anti-Hoagland”. He’s intimately familiar with all of what Richard Hoagland, Mike Bara, and Ken Johnston have written and said to prop up the idea of alien base / artificial structures on the moon and Mars. News flash: there are piles of problems with their use/abuse of images, analysis, and thought processes. Since I have no knowledge of such things, Expat’s blog is a wonderful resource to get critical evaluation of these claims. It’s great knowing there are experts in such fields that bother to get involved (akin to my geneticist friend to whom I regularly send “alien DNA” hokum for expert opinion).

I decided to send the URL I received to Expat to see if he’d comment (I did so in the comments to one of his posts). He replied:

No, I hadn’t seen that page before, but I face-palmed as soon as I read this:

“photos revealing artifacts and structures are routinely modified by NASA higher-ups.”

DarkGovernment.com [the source of the photos at the aforementioned URL – MSH] doesn’t know what it’s writing about. As I’ve often mentioned on this blog, all data processing for Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is done at the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State Univ. “NASA high-ups” don’t even get to see it until the processing is done.

Use Google advanced search to pull out everything I’ve written about Ken Johnston, and you’ll read my opinion of him. Someone who claims expertise in NASA photography, and says the blue flare in AS14-66-9301 is a spaceship, IS NOT a reliable source.

So there you go, alien conspiracy fans – take Expat up on the search for a taste of what he does. Better yet, follow his blog!