In my case, “normal” means staying a step ahead of task meltdown. But I enjoy everything I do. So … just wanted to say that I was in Nashville this past week and weekend to be filmed for a documentary response to the ancient aliens show/series. Things went well, and we covered all the ground that project required. However, the person filming was in the hospital for two days, so I didn’t actually get to film anything related to my own material (recall that I asked for reader thoughts on inspiration — which would have been the subject matter for such an endeavor). Perhaps something can be done at a future time, somewhere and by someone. We’ll put that on the back burner. It was for reason of this trip that I didn’t do a podcast this week.

So what did I do for two days?  Stayed in my hotel room. Man, was that a treat (seriously). All I did was work on the sequel to my novel, The Facade.  I have no more travel on the dock until ETS/SBL, so I’ll be trying to get back to normal — posting with some regularity here. But to be honest, the sequel is taking over my brain, as I knew it would once it began. Writing fiction (especially something that requires this much research) is consuming (if you have read The Facade you’ll know immediately I’m not kidding) and more difficult than non-fiction (academic or otherwise). It’s hard to care about anything else.

Anyway, my goal is to get back to normal and do something productive here.