Here’s an interesting piece from Scientific American (SA) on one point of the UFO story of a week or so ago from the New York Times. The claim SA is objecting to is this one: “In a group of buildings in Las Vegas, the government stockpiles alloys and other materials believed to be associated with UFOs.” here’s (fundamentally) why (from the SA article):

“I don’t think it’s plausible that there’s any alloys that we can’t identify,” Richard Sachleben, a retired chemist and member of the American Chemical Society’s panel of experts, told Live Science. “My opinion? That’s quite impossible.”

Alloys are mixtures of different kinds of elemental metals. They’re very common – in fact, Sachleben said, they’re more common on Earth than pure elemental metals are – and very well understood. Brass is an alloy. So is steel. Even most naturally occurring gold on Earth is an alloy made up of elemental gold mixed with other metals, like silver or copper. [8 Important Elements You’ve Never Heard Of]

“There are databases of all known phases [of metal], including alloys,” May Nyman, a professor in the Oregon State University Department of Chemistry, told Live Science. Those databases include straightforward techniques for identifying metal alloys.

If an unknown alloy appeared, Nyman said it would be relatively simple to figure out what it was made of.

That’s pretty straightforward. The point: aliens would be using the same elemental metals we know of to make alloys because we’re part of the same universe. So, unless ET has discovered a new elemental metal (from where exactly?), the composition of alloys could be discerned.

The article has more on these and other “alloys,” so check it out!

And by the way, I’m still waiting for Tom DeLonge or anyone else to verify that the Project Palladium technology was not behind the Navy fighter / UFO videos. As noted earlier, that’s a reasonable question. If Tom really wants to be Mulder, he’d ask that question of his insiders — and the people (I hope) he has watching them, too.