It’s that time of year again – my annual report to all the stockholders of sanity who’ve invested some time on this blog. Here’s how the effort to combat the tidal wave of twaddle about the ancient world went this year:

The PaleoBabble blog entertained (pun intended) 213,139 visitors this year. All time (a little over five years’ running) there have been 574 posts to date at a word count of 118,009.

In a related effort, particularly with respect to the ancient astronaut quackery, my Sitchin Is Wrong website served a lot of customers:

unique visitors: 140,232
number of visits: 173,345
website hits: 1,240,863

The Ancient Aliens Debunked YouTube documentary has, to date, just over 2.8 million views. I appeared in that documentary, which was created by Chris White.

More comprehensively, my homepage averaged just under a million hits a month. (I need to start doing something intentional here … and that will happen soon … to get over that hump). Here are the homepage stats:

unique visitors: 362,522
number of visits: 1,034,272
website hits: 11,578,595