I’ve had a reader have trouble replying to a post I did some time ago on giants.  I wanted you all to get the reply.  I have block-quoted any response I have to the material.  Here’s the post:


This is a very interesting post, along with the previous post about Giants. Anything abnormal always injects a high dose of curiosity into individuals, unless you really don’t care about the world around you at all.

Let me point to all of you to something more than just bones, archeology, history, dinosaurs and polydactylism (see following post on Giants). Other than alien and/or angelic apparitions and demon possesions, how about live Giants and Live mythical-like creatures?

For Living Giants, See Steve Quayle’s Books here:

Genesis 6 Giants, Master Builders of Prehistoric and Ancient Civilizations

I have Steve’s book. It’s a good compilation of reports with FEW examples of modern, living giants. But they are an anomaly and cannot be used as evidence of a race of people exceeding seven feet tall.  For allof Steve’s work (and his is the best collection out there), producing newspaper articles from the 19th century about the discovery of giant bones isn’t sufficient.  It is known now that at least some of those finds were in fact dinosaurs and prehistoric mammals. That means many others could have been as well, had they been investigated . . . it’s just that people 150 years ago didn’t know what they had.  It’s interesting but not proof of anything.

LongWalkers, Return of the Nephilim

For very interesting and captivating interviews with Steve Quayle about living Giant sightings and reports and about the swine flu, and more, see:

Living giant reports are like proof for extraterrestrials — it’s merely hearsay and anecdotal “evidence” that falls FAR short of actual proof.  Or it’s “a renegage military guy told me this and that and he saw giants in the lab.” Yeah. Right. Imagine what it would be like if people had to defend their faith this way.  Give me real DNA, real giant specimens, that sort of thing. Anything less isn’t sufficient.

Flashpoints and Giants (with George Noory):

Illuminati, Giants and dead microbiologists (with George Noory – Just listened to this last night)

CAVEAT: For Coast to Coast AM full downloads above, you must sign up ( not sure, because I did a few months past ) to StreamLink (see: http://www.coasttocoastam.com/pages/streamlink). Although, Steve is a long life time (35 years) dedicated researcher on all kinds of paranormal event around the globe: Biological Terrorism, Illuminati, Ancient History, Giants etc. We may not all agree on what he says at everypoint, but a very diligent researcher indeed, especially, in my interest, when it comes down to talk about LIVNG Giants.

CAVEAT 2: There are 4 full hours of downloadable MP3s in the links above at coasttocoastam.com. The first hour (Hour 1) is only generic global news, I recommend to only listen to Hours 2, 3, and 4, first and then listen to Hour 1 if curious.

CAVEAT 3: What distinguishes these Giants with just tall people (7-9 feet?)? Well, according to Steve and his reported sightings and military contacts:

– They are between 8 to 12 feet tall
– They have six fingers/toes
– They run super fast at abnormal speeds
– They can abnormally lift tons of weighs
– Their smell is uncomfortable
– Maybe a few other features that is escaping me

Where are the actual specimens? Actual science from which these conclusions are drawn? It is, sadly, only hearsay, and hearers must simply take it on faith. Let’s have the real deal before we believe it.  That isn’t an unreasonable request.

For Mothman creatures (research Mothman in Google), see LA Marzulli and Travis Shortt here:

Mothman Theories and Reports

Again, download Hours 2, 3, and 4 above. Very interesting!

There is a Interview-movie being produced by Travis and Marzulli entitled “Dark Wings”: