A 10-Session, Video-Driven Bible Study Q&A Examining the Supernatural Worldview of the Biblical Authors

Session Five

The Proliferation of Human Depravity

An Introduction to the Events of Genesis 6:1-5 and the Deuteronomy 32 Worldviews

Everyone wants to know why the world is such a chaotic mess! Christians today will typically point to the events that occurred at the fall (Gen 3). But, a first century Jew would say there are actually three reasons why the world is such a mess. Genesis 3, 6 and 11 all contain a supernatural element that is connected to human events, and when interpreted in context, provide insight into the origins of idolatry, depravity and human self-destruction.

In this session, Dr. Heiser will walk us through the events of Gen 6:1-4 and explain why these verses cannot be interpreted properly without knowledge of the Ancient Mesopotamian backstory that provides the necessary context.

Video Run Time: 54:13 min | Download The Viewer Guide