I just posted the new module registration page for the second module of MEMRA’s 2017 language courses. In case you are not familiar with my MEMRA site, here is an explanation from the landing page:

MEMRA courses provide academic content at a level similar to what would be experienced in a college or seminary course. Students are expected to put sufficient time into coursework. Dr. Heiser has created hundreds of videos to guide students in learning to read / translate each language. Students work through grammar, vocabulary, and exercises aided by these videos according to a 52-week schedule. Dr. Heiser answers student questions via posts inside the Classroom or by email.

This second (and last) module for 2017 offers courses in:

  • Beginning Biblical Hebrew
  • Beginning Biblical Greek
  • Beginning Biblical Aramaic
  • Beginning Ugaritic

Each course is $120 for the entire year. Students are not eliminated from the classroom site after the year is over. Textbooks are sold separately on Amazon. Textbook requirements can be found in the course descriptions.

To register for a course, click here. Registration stays open until July 3. Courses begin on July 17.