Back in June 2017 I blogged about the newest hoax by serial hoaxer Jaime Maussan — the “discovery” of three-fingered alien mummies in Peru. Maussan of course was one of the people behind the ridiculous¬†Roswell slides. I suggested at the time the same hoaxing techniques that seemed to obviously (at least to me and a few other folks I know) be behind the “demon fairy” silliness. That is, the key is what one would find under the plaster of the mummies — a hack job, literally, where parts of more than one¬†human¬†Peruvian mummy were altered and re-assembled so that an X-Ray would make it seem that the odd result (e.g., three fingers) looked like a genuine ET biological entity. This Live Science post is a good indication that some investigators are following that trajectory. It’s entirely plausible, but don’t expect Jaime to ever allow the sort of inspection that could verify that method to ever happen. That would ruin his gig.