This article ought to make all those people who have equated the mark of the Beast with microchips blush with naive embarrassment and then curl into the fetal position:

Nanochips And Smart Dust: The Dangerous New Face Of The Human Microchipping Agenda

Hmmm …. where have heard of this before …? Nanotechnology that could help you locate someone …. oh, it’ll come to me….

Here’s the point: Nanochipping and smart dust don’t have to be injected into a person. They’re so small you could simply breathe them in, or they could be mixed with the food you eat, or water that you drink, or a vaccination, or [fill in the blank]. Just check out the article for an idea of the size we’re talking about.

So, no, I wouldn’t expect that, if some future New World Order wanted to tag people, they’d round people up and forcibly “chip” them. No need for that at all.