Jack Brewer recently summarized the state of affairs regarding the Roswell Slides fiasco that has played out over the last month: “The UFO Trail: Roswell Slides: It’s All Over but the Accountability.” I recommend it to all of you who are interested in this latest parody of Roswell research. For those who want to read about what will go down as a textbook example of what’s wrong with UFO research, I recommend the Roswell Slides website.

Calls for accountability have actually begun. The assistant state director of Wisconsin’s MUFON chapter (Mark O’Connell) has written MUFON’s International Director requesting that those involved in the Roswell Slides debacle be banned from speaking at all MUFON events. Mr. O’Connell posted that letter on his blog under the title “Eradicating the UFO Pestilence.” Ouch.

Yesterday Jack Brewer contacted several individuals (myself included) who have an interest in what can be done to change the sideshow climate of UFO research to share thoughts about the call for a MUFON ban. I’ve sent my thoughts to him. I’ll naturally be interested to see what others think on the matter. When Jack posts those responses, I’ll let you all know. Personally, I think a ban is worth consideration, though I don’t think all the parties in Mr. O’Connell’s letter are equally deserving of something that harsh. It’s difficult for me to believe Rich Dolan would knowingly endorse something this careless and inept. But the sentiment about ufology cleaning up its act is on target — as is the need for accountability. I’d recommend a vetting process for conference presenters in the future. As noted above, when Jack Brewer presents responses to the MUFON challenge, I’ll direct readers to it.