Remember the albino from The Princess Bride? The guy who was in charge of the pit of despair? That’s who I feel like when asked to talk about the seventy weeks of Daniel. It is a quagmire of ambiguity and obtuseness. And yet so many people hang so much on one particular interpretation of it.

The pit of despair was the topic of my third session on prophecy at my church. You can view the video here (the audio for week 2’s video never took, so that one won’t be posted).

If you want the slides and handout, they will eventually be posted here (but not up yet – keep checking).

One more week to go. Not completely sure what I’ll be doing. I’m trying to resist dumping on my favorite “no prayer of being right” prophecy ideas, or my own favorite things to think about (yes, I have those for prophecy, but the list is very short and even they aren’t interesting enough for me to care much about prophecy).  I’ll probably opt for something more useful.