Shaun Tabatt of Cross Focused Media interviewed me a short time ago about my book, The Unseen Realm. It was a good interview, as Shaun was quite familiar with the content (here is his interview page). You can watch the interview here:

Readers should know that all interviews (and all readings of the book) are not equal. Some folks read more carefully and are more conversant with the content. There’s irony in getting this link from Shaun today but an Amazon reviewer yesterday felt compelled to warn Calvinist readers that I’m an Arminian (I’m not) and that I have God being surprised at the Fall in the book (which I don’t, and of course don’t believe). But that’s the only way he could parse my view that not everything is predestinated, nor does it have to be, and that without free will we cannot be God’s imagers (that’s an attribute he shares with us). All this is to be expected. A good number of folks who read The Unseen Realm will read it through the lens of their theological system, because that’s what they do with Scripture. I treat terms like Calvinist and Arminian with equal apathy. We need to set aside the filters and just go with what’s in Scripture, despite the tension and discomfort that produces.