Just wanted to pass on a couple of items that have been brought to my attention recently.

First, there is this post for those of you who have mobile devices:

25 Incredible iPad Apps Every Theology Student Should Have

Some nice stuff on there, but if you want my advice, you should all have Logos 4 (with the mobile app of course) and a collection that provides you with the reverse interlinear. Yes, I work at Logos, but that means I can tell you with authority that you haven’t seen anything yet, grasshopper.

Second, I came across a nice site that has some good articles on biblical theology topics:

Beginning with Moses

I recommend one in particular that I have had people read dozens of times:

The Divine Warrior: The New Testament Use of an Old Testament Motif

I always direct people who are struggling with the violence of the Old Testament to this — to disabuse them of the notion that the New Testament casts Jesus as Tiny Tim (okay, that reference will date me). The divine warrior motifs and images used of the God of the Old Testament are applied to Jesus in the New Testament. The Bible does not present us with two different portraits. (Aside from this article I’d recommend a serious study of grace in the Old Testament). God defends his people and decides when it’s time to judge evil. So will Jesus.