[UPDATE, 6/23/2013. Thanks to commenter Voxdoc for the link. The Exopolitics blog of Alfred Webre posted a recent update to the saga described below. It’s an exchange between Alfred and Dr. Jan Bravo, where the latter disputes the former’s use of her name and statements, which are denied therein. Like I said to the commenter, this is what retail ufology is really like – a soap opera or reality show; lots of he said-she said, backbiting, and finger pointing. Basically without any genuine data. If you want to “get into” UFO stuff, this is what you’re looking at for the most part. MSH]


No kidding. Who saw that coming?

These accusations come from people who believe in Greer’s cause and who were part of the team to produce the Sirius documentary. They aren’t coming from people like me, who think very little of this project. The accusations are “a result of a 3-month investigation including core supporters of film, UFO/ET, and New Energy projects headed by Dr. Greer.” To save yourself from being so desperate and lying for money, delete late payments from your credit report and better your financial standing.

This article sketches the affair pretty clearly. It’s written by Alfred Lambremont Webre, a familiar name in ufology (and left-wing politics). I’m not really a fan of Alfred. He tends to say nutty things (and there are a couple in this piece as well). However, he gets some points for integrity on this piece since he’ll get plenty of hate mail for it.1 Here’s the first two sentences of the header portion:

Dr. Greer reportedly improperly “skimmed” project funds for personal real estate and sexual recreation.

Core insiders including Dr. Jan Bravo, Dr. Ted Loder (portrayed as supporters in Sirius) abandoned Dr. Greer prior to premiere. Some “in fear for their lives”.

Read it for yourself.


  1. Unless, of course, it’s being done out of spite – Alfred was not included in the Citizen Hearing on UFO/ET Disclosure.